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SCS is valuable for chronic pain as it deals with longstanding problems reducing tension and relieving spasms, which normalizes hypo-mobility joint functions. All kinds of people with musculoskeletal problems can benefit from this treatment.
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Strain CounterStrain has an extensive broad application for physical ailments and can be used for the very acute traumas such as sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, ankle sprains, and post-surgery, to the more chronic as with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, TMJ pain, and headaches.
Who can benefit from SCS?
Gentleness makes SCS safe and effective for treating fragile conditions, such as infants with torticollis, elderly people with osteoporosis, stress fractures, pregnancy or pelvic pain, post-operative pain, and the pain associated with excessive joint motion or hyper-mobility.
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History of the Osteopathic Profession
Excerpt from article on Lawrence “Larry” Jones, DO:

"The patient’s problem was a persistent … strain/spasm … not responding to methods in use at the time. Dr. Jones treated him on six occasions with no success. By this time the patient stated that if only he could get more than 15 minutes sleep at a time he would be happy. Dr. Jones decided to experiment. With the patient lying down Jones moved him gently in various ways until he finally found a position where the patient experienced no pain. He propped the patient with pillows so that he could remain in that position while he left to see another patient. When he returned the patient was sound asleep. Finally he wakened, gingerly got up and found that the pain was gone! The patient said 'it’s a miracle.' Jones was flabbergasted!"

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Strain Counterstrain is a bodywork technique that relies on the source of your pain (tender points) and passive body positioning to resolve tightness, pain and discomfort. This indirect approach can release spasms in muscles, tendons and fascia. Musculoskeletal conditions, such as sciatica, are eased and range of motion increases, particularly in your joints.

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What Is Strain CounterStrain?
An osteopathic doctor from Spokane, Washington, in the mid 1950s, is credited with originating the gentle, manual, body technique called Strain CounterStrain (SCS).
Dr. Jones (pictured above) called his pain-release discovery Strain CounterStrain.
SCS Practitioners use their hands to strategically manipulate muscles, tendons and fascia. These "soft" tissues directly influence the joints of our body. Relax and release the tissue and its associated joint -- by positioning the body so as to shorten or compress these structures for a specific period of time -- and the body will function better. When SCS practitioners help you find the optimal treatment positions, you can increase range of motion, and ease pain and dysfunction.
A Lucky Accident
Osteopathic Physician Lawrence Jones discovered the benefits of placing an aching body in its most comfortable position as a method of healing in 1955. He realized his patient's pain had eased after positioning (and leaving) him in a way that made him feel best. When the client later stood up, his pain had eased.
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