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"I lived with pain so severe in my back and legs, at times I could hardly walk. My body hurt everywhere. After three sessions with Rose very little pain remained."
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In western Montana / northern Idaho, we're blessed to have Rose Stoudt as health resource. Clients often find her through word of mouth. Sometimes they come with Gift Certificates by Rose that have been presented to them by family or friends or a satisfied client of A Balanced Body.

Do you know someone who needs to Experience the Rose Stoudt Difference? Or plan ahead for yourself.
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It's often hard to find a gift for the special people in our lives, maybe they have enough stuff and don't get about so well. Sharing the opportunity of A Balanced Body with a loved one, friend, or colleague solves the gift dilemma as easily as Rose Stoudt resolves pain and discomfort. Contact Rose today to acquire an unforgettable gift for those in your life who have a health condition or want to feel the hum of wellness.
You can purchase a Gift Certificate for any monetary amount. Clients can use the certificate to pay for a first session, part of one session, or a series of bodywork sessions, as you wish.

Good to Know: Gift Certificates for Ongoing Clients - Consider purchasing a one-hour session. New Clients - Deserve 90 minutes to fully describe health concerns. See rates and other useful info at Schedule a Session.
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Gift Certificate for Health Care from Rose Stoudt Missoula
Purchase A Balanced Body Gift Certificate from Rose:

SEND a check to 415 North Higgins Ave., Suite 128, Missoula, Montana 59802. Gift Certificate will be mailed promptly to Purchaser's Address or to the Recipient, as directed.

STOP BY the office with cash or check. Please call ahead to arrange purchase.
GIFT CERTIFICATES from ROSE STOUDT  |  415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite 128, Missoula, MT 59802 | (406) 880-8060
We accept insurance, motor vehicle accident and worker's compensation.
Bio Dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy Helps These Conditions:
· Morning Sickness
· Motor Vehicle Accidents
· Muscular Pain / Aches
· Neck Pain / Stiffness
Sample of Conditions Helped
by BioDynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy
· Nervous Disorders
· Neuralgia
· Operations Pre/Post
· Phobias
· Post Natal Depression
· Premature Birth
· Respiratory Problems
· Rib Pain / Broken
· Sciatica
· Scar Tissue
· Scoliosis.......
A Balanced Body
A Balanced Body
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